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Welcome to www.MelkshamUkuleleSocialClub.com

 and  www.TheJumpingFleas.co.uk

Musc Red.jpgThis site aims to bring together any and all Ukulele enthusiasts in and around West Wiltshire and surrounding area.

If you live within an easy commute to Melksham, and want to play the Ukulele, then join us here on Facebook...


We have “Strum nights” and general get-togethers, and as we grow in confidence after a great gig before Christmas, we will start to perform more gigs in and around the area, although you don’t have to ‘go public’ with your playing if you don’t want to.

"STOP PRESS: After a great reaction to our first gig, We are currently taking bookings for more performances."

The idea is Fun, Friendship and Strumming. All ages, all abilities.


Why this reference to The Jumping Fleas? The word Ukulele is actually a Hawaiian word, and translates as “Jumping Flea”, coined by the Hawaiians to describe the frantic movements up and down the fret board when playing the Ukulele at pace.

Although halting and fragmented better describes my playing.


As I start to spread the word amongst Ukulele fans, I hope we shall start to become the “Go To” resource for local Ukulele and Banjolele players and enthusiasts in the West Wiltshire Area or even further afield.

Want to join in or find out more?

Click HERE to email me or Click HERE to follow me and the guys at MUSC on Twitter @WiltsUkulele.

Want some lessons before you “Go Public”?

Click HERE to visit Mark Witney - Ukulele Teacher.


Paul Taylor